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Below you will find all necessary accessories to get started.
Be sure to check our promotional packages at the accessories for waffles and pancakes. 

ASP1 - Set accessories plancha

Set accessories plancha

€ 45,00Excl. VAT

AWS - Scraper for waffle irons

Scraper for waffle irons

€ 28,00Excl. VAT

AGC1 - Scraper


€ 12,00Excl. VAT

ARH18 - Spreader Flat beech

Spreader Flat beech

€ 2,30Excl. VAT

ART18 - Spreader Round beech

Spreader Round beech

€ 2,30Excl. VAT

APS2 - Silicon greasing brush

Silicon greasing brush

€ 11,30Excl. VAT

WFCS - Greasing spray 600ml

Greasing spray 600ml

€ 8,00Excl. VAT

WFCS2 - Greasing spray 6x600ml

Greasing spray 6x600ml

€ 45,00Excl. VAT

ATG8 - Oval cleaning pad

Oval cleaning pad

€ 26,95Excl. VAT

ATG9 - 6 spare oval feltpads

6 spare oval feltpads

€ 39,50Excl. VAT

APA1 - Abrasive stone

Abrasive stone

€ 23,25Excl. VAT

AKE84 - Batter spreader kit 40cm

Batter spreader kit 40cm

€ 45,00Excl. VAT

AKE83 - Batter spreader kit 35cm

Batter spreader kit 35cm

€ 45,00Excl. VAT

KHEA05 - Outdoor Cart Plancha

Outdoor Cart Plancha

€ 260,00Excl. VAT

ALIP60 - Ladle  ⌀ 60mm

Ladle ⌀ 60mm

€ 13,58Excl. VAT

ATG1 - Round cleaning pad

Round cleaning pad

€ 26,95Excl. VAT

ACC1 - Cooking dome

Cooking dome

€ 50,00Excl. VAT

AHC1 - Cover for plancha cart

Cover for plancha cart

€ 60,83Excl. VAT

ALIP80 - Ladle ⌀ 80mm

Ladle ⌀ 80mm

€ 15,25Excl. VAT

ABG1 - Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush

€ 18,50Excl. VAT

APC1 - 4 Ice cream cones holder

4 Ice cream cones holder

€ 35,90Excl. VAT

ATG2 - 10 spare round feltpads

10 spare round feltpads

€ 39,50Excl. VAT

ASC2 - Stainless steel spatula

Stainless steel spatula

€ 19,50Excl. VAT