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Warming Equipment

The topping warmer keeps chocolat sauce hot without spilling water and is perfect to top of pancakes, waffles, ice cream.. 

The egg boiler has room for 8 eggs and comes with a cover. 

BECIC1 - 1-bottle topping warmer

1-bottle topping warmer

€ 330,00Excl. VAT

BECIC2 - 2-bottle topping warmer

2-bottle topping warmer

€ 535,00Excl. VAT

BECIC3 - 3-bottle topping warmer

3-bottle topping warmer

€ 745,00Excl. VAT

electric BECIF2 - Bain-marie version 2

Bain-marie version 2

€ 369,00Excl. VAT

electric BECIF3 - Bain-marie version 3

Bain-marie version 3

€ 429,00Excl. VAT

electric BECIF4 - Bain-marie version 4

Bain-marie version 4

€ 539,00Excl. VAT

electric BECIE1 - Egg Boiler (8 pieces)

Egg Boiler (8 pieces)

€ 299,00Excl. VAT