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Plancha kopen

A multipurpose baking plate in stainless steel that allows fish, meat, vegetables .. to be prepared at high temperature. Easy maintenance and indispensable in any professional kitchen.

electric GECIC3 - Electric plancha 34x34cm

Electric plancha 34x34cm

€ 575,00Excl. VAT

electric PROMOPL - Promotion plancha

Promotion plancha

€ 950,00Excl. VAT

gas PROMOPL1 - Promotion plancha K - gas

Promotion plancha K - gas

€ 1.050,00Excl. VAT

electric GECII2 - Electric plancha 64x34cm

Electric plancha 64x34cm

€ 800,00Excl. VAT

electric GECIM1 - Mythic Barbecue

Mythic Barbecue

€ 207,00Excl. VAT

electric GECIH2 - Plancha K- big model

Plancha K- big model

€ 540,00Excl. VAT

electric GECIM2 - Mythic Barbecue

Mythic Barbecue

€ 332,00Excl. VAT

gas GGCIN2 - Plancha K - big model gas

Plancha K - big model gas

€ 624,00Excl. VAT

gas GGCIO2 - Plancha gas 64x34cm

Plancha gas 64x34cm

€ 800,00Excl. VAT

electric GEEPA3 - Deliss electrique plancha

Deliss electrique plancha

€ 176,00Excl. VAT

gas GGCIR - Gas plate depth model

Gas plate depth model

€ 855,00Excl. VAT

electric GECIO2 - DUO K


€ 515,00Excl. VAT