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Waffle irons

MATT professional waffle makers make Brussel, Liege waffles and Waffle fries. Perfect heat distribution, cooking power, reliability and robustness are Krampouz technical qualities. It has built MATT's notorious brand name.
MATT waffle makers are equipped with the “Easy Clean” system which enable the instant disassembly of waffle irons for a simple and fast cleaning.

electric WECAUA - Bubble waffle

Bubble waffle

€ 1.065,00Excl. VAT

electric WFP2 - Waffles Fries Package 2

Waffles Fries Package 2

€ 2.986,90Excl. VAT

electric WECASA - Lolly waffle

Lolly waffle

€ 1.065,00Excl. VAT

WECABB - Double waffle iron - 4x6 Brussels

Double waffle iron - 4x6 Brussels

€ 1.516,50 € 1.685,00 Excl. VAT

electric WFP1 - Waffles Fries Package 1

Waffles Fries Package 1

€ 1.688,95Excl. VAT