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Plancha CLUB - big model gasPFCB2MA

High precision gas cooking.

The first Krampouz gas plancha an integrated, hinged stainless steel protective cover.

The double Club gas plancha is a griddle plate with a stainless steel plate certified as food-safe. With two cooking zones, it will cook for about 12 peoples.

Only found on this model of gas griddle, the thermostatic control automatically regulates the height of the flame to maintain a stable temperature on the griddle. Discover gas cooking that’s as precise as with an electric appliance.

Very easy to use, the Club gas plancha has two cooking zones with power of 2 × 2 000 W for a cooking surface of 65 × 39 cm.

The cooking waste collection tray (85 cl) is located at the front of the appliance, integrated under the cooking plate as a drawer, and can be removed easily using its two handles. Residues and juices are removed via a slot at the front of the cooking surface.

With two graduated controls and thermostatic control, the two cooking zones are easy to adjust and you can adapt the heat temperature to different foods cooked.

The stainless steel plate may be used to cook a whole variety of foods from starters to desserts without adding any fat, preserving tastes and without mixing flavours.

The double Club gas plancha is an outdoor cooking appliance fed by butane/propane. The plancha has a safety device for automatically cutting off the gas if there is no flame.

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